Women stay on lower rungs of corporate ladder

Jill Ellicott, Chartered Financial Planner quoted in Daily Telegraph, 23rd November 2020

Women now only account for 11.1% of those earning over £1m a year, down from 12.5% in 2016/17*.

Women are still largely excluded from the very highest-paying roles within businesses. For example, on the boards of FTSE-100 companies women hold a far higher percentage of lower paying roles and a much lower percentage of higher paying roles.

Although 40.8%** of Non-Executive roles at FTSE100 companies are held by women (where average remuneration is £70,000), women only make up 13.2% of Executive Directors at FTSE100 companies (where average remuneration is £2.2m) and only 5% of CEO roles.

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