The number of UK millennial and GenZ millionaires hits record high

Mark Incledon, CEO quoted in IFA Magazine 28th February 2022

“Millennials are earning more than ever before. They should be putting away as much as they possibly can now to avoid the stress of having to catch up on their retirement savings later down the line.”

“During lockdown we’ve seen that more millennials are considering their financial future and putting money to work by investing. Instead of putting all their assets into risky assets like cryptocurrencies or meme stocks, it’s fundamentally important they follow simple, straight forward steps when investing. This includes having a diversified portfolio across geographies, sectors and asset classes.”

“They also mustn’t forget to take advantage of the various tax reliefs whilst they are still available. There is still the threat of tax changes to recoup Covid-related spending, which leaves the future of some tax reliefs hanging in the balance.”

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