More Than 100 U.K. Listed Companies Warn on Ukraine War Impact

Bowmore Asset Management research, quoted on Bloomberg, 20th March 2022

115 UK listed companies have now warned of the effects of the war in Ukraine in their stock exchange announcements, shows research by Bowmore Asset Management.

The number of companies warning of the risk the situation in Ukraine poses has risen almost fivefold in the past week, up from 20 the week before.

So far few have quantified the impact on their earnings, but companies which have warned of a direct impact on their operations include several FTSE 100 firms such as BP, Shell, JD Sports, British American Tobacco and Imperial Brands.

Of the 98 companies, over half (59) have warned of a negative impact specific to their operations in the region, while 47 have warned of heightened macroeconomic risk generally as a result of the situation.

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